Teaching Workshop Series: Canvas as a Pedagogical Tool


Spring 2017 Teaching Workshop Series

Fridays, 9:30 - 11:30 am in the Faculty Center (MLIB 1705)

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Learn how you and your students can create a digital presence in Canvas. You will learn about the Canvas recording apps, how to produce content, and how video is streamed. You will also have the opportunity to demo different technologies instructors have used to create media. Registrants are encouraged to bring their personal laptops.

Facilitator: Nathan Sanders, Senior Instructional Designer, Teaching & Learning Technologies (TLT)

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The Office of General Education funded Diversity Requirement Fellows who developed projects that are intended to enhance teaching and learning in DV courses, two fellows will report out on their experiences.

Irene Ota will discuss participant reaction to Antidiscrimination Response Training (A.R.T.) and the need for continued revisiting the strategies of A.R.T.  She will also talk about the need for more training in order to address the increase of overt and covert discriminatory words and actions.

Danielle Endres will discuss the Utes Nickname Project, which is an archive of research and teaching materials that can be used to teach about the historical and contemporary relationship between the University of Utah, Native American symbols, and the Northern Ute Nation. To learn more about her research and download copies of articles, see her website: http://www.danielleendres.com.

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Description coming soon.

Facilitator: David Derezotes, Professor, College of Social Work / CTLE Teaching Fellow, TCIC / Director, Peace & Conflict Studies

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Outreach is an opportunity to excite and engage young learners! Students benefit from exposure to new fields and concepts, as well as the chance to engage in critical thinking. But it is a significant challenge to tailor your message to different grade levels and to create engaging activities that also are effective for learning. In this workshop, you will learn how to distinguish between deep and shallow learning processes and outcomes, as well as how specific activities can be leveraged to increase meaningful learning. We will discuss strategies for customizing your communication with learners at different levels, as well as increasing impact by including ongoing assessment and opportunities for reflection. This workshop will include a variety of hands-on activities for you to practice customizing, planning, and communicating your work.

Facilitator: Kirsten Butcher, Associate Professor, Educational Psychology

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Friday,  Oct. 28 | Information for Prospective Fulbright Students


Jolyn Schleiffarth, Fellowships & Benefits Coordinator, Graduate School

Howard Lehman, Professor, Political Science

Friday,  Nov. 18 | Canvas as a Pedagogical Platform

The architecture of Canvas opens opportunities to teachers and students to interact with the platform in the same ways they interact with the rest of the Internet: creatively, socially, dynamically. Canvas is a pedagogical tool that has an eye toward open adaptation — and toward learning out in the world, rather than only behind computer screens or inside brick-and-mortar classrooms. Canvas is not the course: it’s the launching pad for the course.

We will discuss how Canvas can support your teaching, and how using Modules, Quizzes, Rubrics and Collaborations can improve your assessment, feedback and communication with students. The Teaching and Learning Technology team will spend the last hour assisting and setting up appointments to address additional Canvas questions.


Jon Thomas, Director, Teaching & Learning Technologies

Friday,  Dec. 2 | Making Research Relevant and Understandable

This workshop includes discussion, writing and speaking activities designed to bring attention to the academy’s need to make our research more approachable across disciplines and communities. We will examine methods for making descriptions of our research more useful by focusing on its relevance, validity and accessibility, and borrowing techniques from #lolmythesis and Three Minute Thesis.


Jennifer Seagrave, Associate Instructor, Undergraduate Studies

Friday,  Oct. 7 |Slideology


Holly K. Johnson, HEI Consultant, CTLE / Adjunct Assistant Professor, Art & Art History

Feb. 3 | Teaching Dossier: Curriculum Vitae & Teaching Philosophy

This workshop focuses on creating a teaching portfolio that highlights your teaching practice as part of your scholarly credentials. Essentials for an effective curriculum vitae (CV) as well as research-grounded approaches to developing or sharpening your teaching philosophy statement will be discussed. Registrants are encouraged to bring their current CV and teaching philosophy statement for peer feedback opportunities.

Facilitator: Alyson Froehlich, Higher Education Instructional Consultant, CTLE / Assistant Professor, Psychology

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CANCELLED -  Feb. 10 | Learning Outcomes


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