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CTLE 6000 Teaching in Higher Education (On Campus) - Fall 2013 Instructor: Alyson Froelich

Teaching in Higher Education (3) Prerequisite: Graduate student or faculty standing.

Designed for new and experienced instructors alike, the aim of this course is to equip faculty and graduate students with foundational pedagogical knowledge and skills. We explore and practice student-centered teaching approaches, with a focus on creating active learning opportunities and increasing student engagement. We also consider issues such as the changing make-up of our student body and efficiency in instruction and grading. CTLE 6000/600 is a face-to-face 3-credit course open to all instructors (graduate students and faculty) at the U.

CTLE 6510 Cyber Pedagogy (Online) - Fall 2013 Instructor: Linda Ralston

Cyber Pedagogy (3) Prerequisite: Graduate student or Faculty standing.

Have you taken an online class - recently? What was your experience? Did you love it, hate it, feel isolated?  Online teaching and learning can no longer be an isolating process for students or instructors if it is to survive as a viable teaching and learning environment. The shift from a face-to-face classroom to an online classroom does take time and effort on the part of both the instructor and the students. Online teaching does not require a different course design process; however it does require a different way of thinking about content organization and presentation, and the interface between teacher, student and technology. This asynchronous online 3-credit course explores principles of online learning; instructional technology best practices, and provides participants with the opportunity to experiment with designing their own online strategies, techniques and approaches.

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