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The “Transforming Classrooms into Inclusive Communities” (TCIC) project is a diverse group of Faculty Fellows who work with the Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence (CTLE) to co-create and co-teach diversity.

Our goal is that our core group of Faculty Fellows will be:


Transforming the often difficult classroom conversations (about such topics as race, gender, politics, religion, sexual orientation, etc.) into learning opportunities that fit with existing class objectives.

Working to uncover and heal the hidden biases, that most of us have about other people.

Helping to transform our classrooms, campus, and local neighborhoods into inclusive communities where members value diversity, hold mutual respect, share power and resources, and promote social justice.



For more information about this exciting new venture, please contact:

Dr. David Derezotes

Director, Peace & Conflict Studies, and Professor of Social Work:


Phone: 801-585-3546

Training Details:

TCIC works with program or department leaders to create trainings that are “tailormade” to best fit the unique needs and culture of their campus division. Trainings can be one-time or ongoing events.

We offer campus faculty and staff the opportunity to join us as a TCIC Fellow. Each program or department can also designate a volunteer TCIC Fellow who provides on-site consultation for colleagues, with training and support from TCIC.

TCIC also provides campus-wide trainings on inclusion topics, that are open to all interested University faculty and staff. Information about these trainings will be circulated by CTLE throughout the academic year.

Finally TCIC offers individual consultation to staff and faculty, on topics of inclusion and diversity. Please contact us to arrange an appointment at CTLE for a consultation session with one of our Fellows.

Last Updated: 9/24/18