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Sarah Braden

Sarah Braden

Linguistics/College of Humanities


Resources for TAs serving as Undergraduate Instructors

Faculty Mentor: MaryAnn Christison - Linguistics/College of Humanities


Graduate Teaching Assistants (TAs) at the University of Utah are often asked to serve as full instructors for introductory undergraduate courses. TAs in this position are usually provided with a course syllabus for the course they are supposed to teach, but this is often the extent of the support that they receive. This system has two consequences. First, TAs interpret syllabi and course objectives in vastly different ways. Second, TAs without prior teaching experience are left with few resources to help guide them through the process of becoming an effective instructor.
This project involved the creation of a manual entitled, "What every graduate TA should know about teaching undergraduate courses". The manual contains information about writing daily performance objectives that align with course objectives, tips for lesson planning, examples and suggestions for different ways to organize and make connections between content concepts, and approaches to assessment.


This manual is of use to any department that has Graduate teaching assistants who teach undergraduate courses. The manual can be used as a starting point for professional development for these instructors either in self-study or collaborative training sessions. For departments that already have TA training programs, this manual helps to formalize some of the concepts being taught to graduate TAs and to provide a resource that TAs can refer to after training sessions have ended.


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Last Updated: 7/27/18