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Jon Hartley

Jon Hartley

Bioengineering/College of Engineering


Evaluation of the Flipped Classroom Pedagogy in a Senior Level Bioengineering Course

Faculty Mentor: Richard Rabbit - Bioengineering/College of Engineering

An understanding of mathematics and how to apply mathematical principles are ABET required learning outcomes for engineers set by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). Even though students in engineering take several years of math classes before entering upper division engineering courses, there is a need to reteach or review the mathematical concepts in the context of solving engineering problems. The lack of understanding is most evident in TA hours where most time is filled with explaining mathematics that should have been learned and understood before enrolling in the course. Therefore, there is a need to make pedagogical changes to improve comprehension of the material.


The goal of this project is to help students be able to apply mathematical principles to bioengineering problems. To accomplish this goal, a flipped classroom teaching environment will be evaluated where students will watch the lecture at home on the internet and work homework problems in class. A series of short videos (4-7 min) will be gathered and produced for the students to watch on Canvas. Classroom time will then be dedicated to working real-life bioengineering problems requiring the application of the principles watched in the lecture videos. In this setting, students will have a more structured and supportive environment to apply the mathematics and other transport principles to real problems. The students’ understanding will be evaluated using quiz scores and homework scores from the flipped class format. Additionally, student surveys will be used to understand the students’ satisfaction with the classroom format.


A series of videos will be gathered and produced that can be used by this course and other courses in engineering to help students understand the math behind the course content. The videos will be shared with instructors in bioengineering to use as a teaching resource or as a template to produce their own videos to flip their classrooms as well. The video resources will initiate a database of video lectures on Canvas that graduate students and faculty members can add to and draw from. The project will also elucidate the advantages of using a flipped class format by conducting student surveys and evaluating quiz scores.
Last Updated: 7/27/18