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Program Focus Group

This is a service in which a CTLE consultant spends 60 minutes conducting a focus group­­­ with the students in your program. The consultant will gather student feedback about what is going well in the program and solicit student suggestions regarding opportunities for program improvement. You’ll receive the compiled program feedback via email.

The following free-response questions are used to gather your student’s feedback:

    1. What do you like about the program?

    2. What aspects of the program would you like to see changed? How?

    3. What do the instructors do to help you learn?

  4. What could the instructors do to improve or increase learning opportunities in the program courses?

You can add questions in addition to the four standard questions (see form below).

Instructor(s) are not present during the in-class program feedback.


Please fill out the form below. When you finish, click submit.

Last Updated: 5/27/21