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CTLE Services

The Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence offers a myriad of services for instructors with an emphasis on best pedagogical practices and strategies for teaching in higher education.

All CTLE services are confidential. You can read the CTLE Confidentiality Policy here.


Request a meeting with a CTLE consultant to discuss how to incorporate best pedagogical practices and strategies into your teaching.


Request a CTLE consultant to observe your course (online or face-to-face) followed by a consultation to discuss feedback.


Request feedback from your students through an online or in-class survey.

Request a Service

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Meet with a CTLE consultant to discuss how to incorporate best pedagogical practices and strategies into your teaching.

Curriculum Review and Mapping

CTLE consultants will work with curriculum committees to review and map your curriculum.

Departmental Workshop

A CTLE consultant will facilitate a workshop on a teaching topic of your choice for your department faculty/instructors. 

Syllabus/Course Review

Meet with a CTLE consultant to review and provide you with feedback on your teaching materials (course syllabus, teaching philosophy, CV).


In-Class Observation

Request a CTLE consultant to observe your teaching during one of your class sessions. You can also request to have your observation video recorded. After the observation, the consultant will meet with you to discuss feedback and suggestions for improvement. Written and electronic feedback will be provided for your teaching portfolio, which you may also include in your RPT.

Canvas Course Review

CTLE provides feedback for your Canvas course, including observing your course design and learner interaction. After the observation, you’ll meet with the CTLE consultant to discuss feedback and review online teaching resources and best practices for online pedagogy.

 Student Feedback 

Gathering Student Feedback is valuable for identifying areas for instructional improvement. Many instructors have found that simple changes  can help motivate students and enhance student learning. Students appreciate the fact that the instructor values their opinions.

In-Class Student Feedback

A CTLE consultant facilitates a focus group about what is going well in your course and what could be improved. Afterward, you’ll meet with the consultant to discuss student feedback and resources for refinement of your teaching practices.

Online Student Feedback

A qualitative survey will be administered to your students online. After the one-week feedback period closes, you will receive the compiled student feedback via email.

Program Evaluation/Student Focus Group

A CTLE consultant conducts a focus group to gather student feedback regarding your program. After the focus group, the transcribed responses will be emailed to you.


If you have any questions, please contact CTLE at 801-581-7597 or

Last Updated: 5/27/21