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For Instructors

Instructors have direct access to all of the results for every question asked on the course feedback survey, as well as powerful online tools that enable them to generate custom reports. These reports allow instructors to know what parts of their teaching were effective, and is used as part of their faculty review file.

How do I achieve maximum response rates on my Student Course Feedback (SCF)?

Students can access available course surveys at Please distribute this direct login link in class, in Canvas, or through email.

We highly encourage you to contact your students directly and emphasize the importance of their feedback. Key points to discuss with your students include:

  • How you use their feedback, and apply it to your instruction.
  • The influence of their feedback on retention, promotion, and tenure at the university.
  • The use of their feedback by other students in selecting instructors for their course of study.

Direct your students to our student page for more information!

Standard SCF Survey Questions

The following are the Standard Student Course Feedback Survey Questions, evaluated on a scale of 1 (Strongly Disagree) to 6 (Strongly Agree)

Click here to preview a sample course survey

About the Course
  • The course objectives were clearly stated.
  • The course objectives were met.
  • The course content was well organized.
  • The course materials were helpful in meeting course objectives.
  • Assignments and exams reflected what was covered in the course.
  • I learned a great deal in this course.
  • Overall, this was an effective course.
Free Response
  • List two things about the course content, materials or design that were effective for your learning, or make constructive suggestions for improvement.
About the Instructor
  • The instructor was organized.
  • The instructor presented course content effectively.
  • The instructor created/supported a classroom environment that was respectful.
  • The instructor demonstrated thorough knowledge of the subject.
  • As appropriate, the instructor encouraged questions and opinions.
  • The instructor was available for consultation with students.
  • Overall, this was an effective instructor.
Free Response
  • List two things about this instructor that were effective for your learning, or make constructive suggestions for improvement.

Preview SCF Survey Questions

Access SmartEvals at You will need your CIS login information (uNID and CIS password). You may be asked to watch a "Tutorial Video." You can either watch the video, or click the "skip" or "skip perminately" button.

Find the course you would like to preview and click the magnifying glass icon labeled "Preview."

If you need to request changes to your course feedback survey, please work through your department. Email to identify the staff contact for SCF in your department.

View SCF Results

Access SmartEvals at You may be asked watch a "Tutorial Video."  You can either watch the video, or click the "Skip" or "Skip Permanently" button.

Your courses are organized by year with your most recent courses at the top. Find the course for which you would like to view a report and click on the pie chart icon labeled "See Reports."

Report Terminology

Pictured below is a sample student course feedback (SCF) report for a Summer 2013 course. Explanations are given below the picture for terms marked with red numbers.

Report Terminology 1
  1. Numbers in this column refer to the number of students who completed the survey question.
  2. RR (Response Rate) refers to the percentage of students from the course who filled out the survey question.
  3. My AVG is the average response from the course survey, on a 1-6 scale. 1 correlates to Strongly Disagree, with 6 correlating to Strongly Agree.
  4. COMM AVG is the overall average for the department across all semesters.
  5. COMM SU13 is the department's average for that particular semester, i.e., Summer 2013.
  6. DIV AVG is the college's average across all semesters
  7. DIV SU13 is the college's average for that particular semester.
  8. SCH AVG is the University's average for all semesters.
  9. SCH SU13 is the University's average for the listed semester.
  10. GRP refers to the two different groups of questions students are asked. "GRP Instructor Questions" is a composite average of the seven standard instructor quesitons. "GRP Course Questions" is a composite average of the seven standard course quesitons.
  11. Your last name will appear here. Questions asked related to you will also have your last name. These questions factor into the average for Instructor-related Questions on the survey.

Understand SCF Results

Meet with a CTLE Consultant

Request one of our Higher-Education Instructional Consultants or Graduate Fellows to review your SCF report. They will meet with you to go over your SCF results individually, offering suggestions for improvement in future semesters. Click here to request a meeting with a CTLE consultant.

Meet with the SCF Program Manager

Email or call us to set up an appointment. We'll go over the terminology used in your report and offer suggestions for future semesters, such as how to get a higher response rate from students.



Get in touch with us at or (801) 585-1976.

Last Updated: 6/5/20