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For Department Administrators and Staff

Department Chairs and approved staff have direct access to all of the results for every question asked on the course feedback survey.  They also have access to powerful online tools that enable them to generate custom reports.

Getting Started

Department Administrators or approved staff should complete the following steps when verifying student course feedback setup each semester:

  1. Review course information. Are all of your department's courses and sections listed? Please note: courses without any student enrollment may not be listed.
  2. Review instructor information. Are the instructors listed correct? Are multiple instructors listed? Are your TAs listed?
  3. If applicable, are your additional department questions listed and set up for the correct courses?

Request Access

Email to request department-level access. Department-level access to student course feedback is provided to approved staff at the discretion of the head of the course offering unit (e.g. Department or Division Chair or Director).


Due to recent changes we are developing new course feedback resources for department administrators and staff. If you need help with the student course feedback system, SmartEvals, please contact us at


Get in touch with us at or (801) 585-1976.

Last Updated: 6/5/20