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Department Chairs and approved staff contacts have direct access to all of the results for every question asked on the course feedback survey.  They also have access to powerful online tools that enable them to generate custom reports.

Getting Started:

Please make sure to complete the following when setting up department course evaluations:

  1. Review course information. Are all your courses and sections listed? Please note: courses without any student enrollment will not be listed or evaluated.
  2. Review instructor information. Are the instructors listed correct? Are multiple instructors listed? Are your TAs listed?
  3. If applicable, are your department questions listed and setup for the correct course(s)?
  4. Review your course cross-listings. If applicable, are your courses correctly cross-listed?
  5. Verify that the evaluation start and end dates are correct (for session 4 courses especially). 
  6. Email with a list of courses you do NOT want to be evaluated.


Verify Survey Dates

Please watch the video for information on checking survey dates. If dates need to change, please contact us with course number, section(s), and the preferred start date of each.


*Please go to the course you wish to change the primary instructor before watching the video or following the step by step instructions..

Change Primary Instructor

 1. Find the course you wish to make changes and click on the number in the # Classes column.

Primary Instructor Change 1


2. Click the icon in the Edit column.

Primary Instructor Change 2


3. Type in the UNid of the instructor you want listed as the primary instructor in the field Teacher ID. To save changes and finish, click Update.

Primary Instructor Change 3

* Do not change any other information than the UNid. Doing so may negatively affect course surveys. Call or email us if you've made a mistake.


After the UNID has been changed, follow these steps to make sure the right teachers will be evaluated.

1. Find the course you want to modify and select the number in the column # Classes

Step One of Remove/Add Instructors


2. Find the section of the course you want to edit and select the number in the Teacherscolumn.

Step Two of Remove/Add Instructors


3. To remove an instructor from the course survey, check the box by their name in the left hand column, then click Remove Selected Instructors (arrow 1).

To add an instructor, type in their UNid in the box above the right hand column, then select Add (arrow 2).

To add a TA, type in their UNid, then select the drop down arrow above and select TA. Then select Add Selected Instructors (arrow 3).

Step Three of Remove/Add Instructors


4. After making your changes, click Return to edit class screen.


Preview Question Sets

*Please watch the video for instructions on how to preview surveys before they are administered to students. Any questions or concerns, please contact us.


Changing Questions

Please note, this is only relevant if your department has already created question sets. To have a custom question set for your department and its courses, please email us. If you want to make changes to an existing question set, please email us with the changes you would like to make (any additional questions, etc.).


Display Custom Question Results

For departments with additional custom questions on course surveys, below are instructions for you to display such questions and results on reports. Click here for instructions on accessing reports. Otherwise follow the instructions below.

1. If the report does not show all questions asked to students, click on Change Columns to display such questions.

Custom Question Results


2. You will be redirected to another page where you may select which questions to display on the report. Check all that you want displayed in the Questions column on the right. Checking Select all questions will display results of questions asked to students during the survey period.

Custom Question Results

3. To save your changes, select either Use Until Logout or Save Permanently.

Accessing Individual Instructor Reports

1. Select Survey Results under the Reports header.

DEPT Access Report

2. Select the semester in which you wish to view feedback.

DEPT Access Report

3. Select the department.

DEPT Access Report

4. Find the course you want to view feedback and select Reports (red arrow). If you want to change the semester, do so by clicking the drop-down arrow at top (gold box).

DEPT Access Report


*For information about individual instructor reports, please watch this video.


Email PDF Reports From SmartEvals

To generate and email a PDF course evaluation report, please follow these instructions.
1. Login to SmartEvals at

2. Hover over the Reportsmenu at the top and a drop-down menu will appear. Select Email PDF Reports.

Step One Email PDF

3. The system defaults to the previous semester (i.e. 2018/Summer), but to change to a different semester, filter using the drop-down arrow by box A. To limit your results to one instructor, filter through box B.

Check the box next check the box next to "All" for all reports (1), or check the box next to the report(s) you need (2), then click the Email me the selected reports button (3).

Step two email pdf

Note: Check your Junk E-Mail folder if the report does not go to your primary folder. Please allow the system several minutes to email the PDF file to you before trying again.

Export Individual Instructor Reports

The Student Course Feedback system provides seven export format options: CSV,HTML, XML, msoXML, XLS, DOC, and PDF.  To export reports in addition to PDF format, please follow these instructions.

1. Select the green Excel icon to begin.

Export Reports 1


2. To select the format you prefer, click the drop down arrow beside the highlighted box. After selecting your preferred format, click Export to download the data. The report data will download to your internet browser's downloads folder.

Export Reports 2





Get in touch with us at or (801) 585-1976.

Last Updated: 9/21/18