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Student Course Feedback for Instructors

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The Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence assumed management of the student course feedback program to incorporate the student perspective into its services to improve instruction at the University of Utah. And while student course feedback is not a stand-alone measure of teaching effectiveness, it can be a valuable resource for identifying teaching strengths and areas for improvement.

CTLE has created a comprehensive resource for instructors regarding the student course feedback program. The information has been organized into three sections, corresponding to the time periods before evaluations begin, during the evaluation session and after evaluations are complete, when feedback reports become available.

Preview survey questions

Preview instructor report

Before Feedback Begins: Set Up

Previewing Course Feedback

Adding Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Help Videos

During Feedback: Response Rates

Emailing Students to Increase Response Rates

Help Videos

After Feedback: Accessing and Interpreting Your Reports

Viewing Feedback Reports

Deciphering Your Student Course Feedback Report

Interpreting Student Course Feedback Results

Adding Notes to Feedback Results

Downloading Historical Data

Comparing Reports from the Old PeopleSoft System to New Reports

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