What is a Faculty Learning Community?

A faculty learning community (FLC) comprises an interdisciplinary group of faculty devoted to enhancing teaching, learning, and the university experience. FLCs have been shown to increase faculty interest in teaching and learning while providing a safe space for faculty to explore and implement new approaches, give and receive feedback, and generate a knowledge base accessible to the broader University community.

Simply put, an FLC is a community of practice devoted to exploring teaching and learning in higher education. Each FLC will grow at its own pace, embrace a unique topic, and target specific outcomes. The FLCs will meet regularly, but input from FLC members will help determine the frequency and format for meetings, the duration, and the goals and outcomes—including any projects to be carried out—for each FLC.

We are very excited to provide such rich opportunities for community building, interdisciplinary collaboration, and explorations of teaching and learning!

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Faculty Learning Communities


Global Learning

The group meets once per month and discussions have been centered on a definition of global learning at the U, gaining knowledge about curriculum/course revision to integrate global and intercultural learning, how to develop global learning outcomes and assessment, how to make the case with those who are skeptical regarding global learning, the connection to diversity, and other topics. We have been reading the book "Internationalization the Curriculum" by Betty Leask and a major topic of discussion has been faculty development focused on global/intercultural learning. We will work with CTLE this semester to create training/development opportunities for faculty and staff on this topic.


Digital Matters

This group meets regularly to look at current issues in digital humanities, discuss challenges related to infrastructure and institutional recognition at both local and national levels, and workshop the research and teaching of group members. We aim in this group to further a multi-year effort to bring together scholars from disparate parts of campus to crystallize digital humanities collaborative projects in building and teaching.




2014–2015 Faculty Learning Communities

Bennion Center Faculty Fellows
Career Line Faculty
Classroom of the Future
Data Journal Club
Transdisciplinary Research: Disturbance, Recovery, and Relict Systems



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