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Table Prompts: Goals

Comments that resonated with attendees are marked with asterisks (*). The number of asterisks indicates the number of attendees that marked the idea as resonant. 

In your dream world, what would distinguish University of Utah graduates from graduates of other higher ed institutions?

  • An appreciation of inclusion and diversity.
  • Discerning consumers of information and opinions.
  • Creative integrated thinkers. *
  • Ethical citizens: environmentally responsible and empirically driven + informed. *
  • Life-long learners. **
  • Know how to learn. *
  • Inquisitive – question and evaluate critically to combat flood of info.
  • Listen – come away with greater understanding of the positives of others. Realize an intercultural humanity. **
  • Innovative thinkers and doers.
  • Ability to engage in both domestic and international communities.
  • Intellectually curious.
  • Ability to have respectful discourse around controversial topics. ****
  • Actively engaged in their professional organizations and inter-professional collaborations as leaders. **
  • Compelled to act based on what they have learned. *
  • Informed opinions rather than along “party lines” (political, disciplinary, religious, etc.)
  • Knowledge creators.
  • Graduate with lots of options/choices (all of which are valued). 

Imagine we were to redesign the learning experience at the University of Utah from scratch. How would you design it? What key features would it have?

  • Modular teaching strategies + team teaching.
  • Strong public-private partnerships for student learning. *
  • Survey students about class frameworks. Do they want 2.5 hour classes? Do they want blocks?
  • Integrative learning across the curriculum. Tell the story of their learning. ***
  • Visual transcripts- infographics tagged to courses that assist advisors with connecting the dots. A curated educational experience. *
  • Hold classes in communities to close distance and encourage praxis and clinical reasoning.
  • Some core content, ideas and experiences, question the obstacles created by departments. RPT process = poison, less value on great teaching.
  • Require statements on teaching in faculty applications.
  • Silo-free (integrative learning). ***
  • Be known for the wide range of world-class possibilities that exist here. NOT FOOTBALL.
  • Recognize that students are different here (?), now (?).
  • Capitalize on the value added by studying here, which means we have to identify/articulate it.
  • “own” the need for responsible, informed paternalism.

What ideas from the keynote resonated most with you? How might we apply those ideas here at the University of Utah?

  • Life skills + experiences achieved through teaching/learning (self-navigate their future).
  • Reconsider the canon.
  • How to incorporate alternative perspectives in the science classroom.

What is the next big question that hasn’t been asked with regard to goals for students?

  • What classes have high D/F/Withdraw rates and why? Can classes be restructured to change this?
  • Competency vs Grade.
  • How can we support non-linear learning opportunities & strategies? Promote slinky vs ladder model?
  • How do we know what inclusive excellence means across different disciplines and context, especially in STEM?
  • How to incentivize teaching/work it into the RPT process?
  • How and who drives the transformation to an integrated learning institution?
  • How do we identify, openly discuss, and act on our major barriers as an institution? ***
  • How do we improve communication and visibility of student goals, campus resources and advancements across campus?
Last Updated: 7/27/18