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"Faculty as Designers of Student Success: A Symposium on Teaching and Learning"

This symposium was held September 29 - 30, 2016 and hosted by the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence, Undergraduate Studies, and the J. Willard Marriott Library. Thank you all who participated in the discussion.

  Ruth Watkins

Opening Remarks

Dr. Ruth Watkins,
Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, University of Utah


Video of the Opening Remarks


Peter Doolittle

Symposium Keynote Address

Peter E. Doolittle, Ph.D.
Virgina Tech


Video of the Keynote Address
Presentation slides for the Keynote Address 
Incidental Learning Activity handout
Reconstructive Memory Activity handout


Dave Cillay

Technology, Teaching, and Learning

What unique contributions will technology make?

David Cillay, Ph.D.
Washington State University

Video of Dr. Cillay's address
Presentation slides for Dr. Cillay's address



Cynthia Furse, Associate Vice President and Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Utah
Christine Jones, Associate Professor, World Languages & Cultures, University of Utah
Kirsten Butcher, Director: (CATE), College of Education; Director: (IDET), Educational
Psychology; Associate Professor, Educational Psychology, University of Utah


Table Discussions

Table notes for Technology, Teaching, and Learning



Ronald Jackson II

Inclusive Excellence

What does it mean to teach towards inclusive excellence? 

Ronald L. Jackson II, Ph.D.
University of Cincinnati

Video of Dr. Jackson's address
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Irene Ota, Academic Program Manager, Social Work, University of Utah
Martine Kei Green-Rogers, Assistant Professor, Theater, University of Utah
Ed Munoz, Associate Professor, Sociology Department, University of Utah
Nicole Robinson, Professor, School of Music, University of Utah


Table Discussions

Table notes for Inclusive Excellence



Peter Doolittle

Goals and Goal Setting

What are the goals of higher education in the new century?

Peter E. Doolittle, Ph.D.
Virginia Tech


Video of Dr. Doolittle's address
Presentation slides for Dr. Doolittle's address



Vincent Cheng, Shirley Sutton Thomas Professor of English, University of Utah
Jordan Gerton, Associate Professor, Physics & Astronomy, University of Utah
Marissa Diener, Associate Professor, Family & Consumer Studies, University of Utah


Table Discussions

Table notes for Goals and Goal Setting



Mary-Ann Winkelmes

Closing Remarks

What does this mean for us? Where will we go from here? 

Mary-Ann Winkelmes, Ph.D.
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Video of Dr. Winkelmes' remarks
Presentation slides for Dr. Winkelmes' remarks

The Unwritten Rules handout



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