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The Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence provides a variety of services to all University of Utah instructors with an emphasis on best pedagogical practices and strategies for teaching in higher education. Our Mission is to promote effective teaching and learning through instructor/instructional development at the University of Utah.

Jim Agutter

Interim Director

(801) 585-6423 

Mindie Clark

Graduate Fellow

(801) 585-6423 

Katelyn Cox

Program Assistant, Student Course Feedback

(801) 587-1401 

Alyson Froehlich

Higher Education Instructional Consultant

(801) 587-1109 

Cindy Hanson

Adminstrative Assistant

(801) 581-6744 

Pamela Hardin

Associate Director

(801) 587-1107 

Adam Halstrom

Program Manager, Student Course Feedback

(801) 585-1976 

David McNay

Graduate Fellow Consultant

(801) 581-4975 

Katelyn O'Farrell

Graduate Fellow Consultant

(801) 581-4675 

Katherine Pagano

Graduate Fellow Consultant

(801) 581-4575 

Last Updated: 4/20/22