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Traveling Workshops - TBD

Traveling workshops are NOT being offered at this time.

This semester the Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence is offering two high-interest workshops at different times and locations around campus. Our goal is to better support the pedagogical needs of all university faculty by diversifying when and where we offer our workshops.

Workshops Descriptions

High Impact Practices in Engaged Teaching and Learning
High-Impact Practices (HIPs) exemplify enriching educational experiences that enhance student engagement and improve student success. They are specific pedagogies that have positive effects on deep learning as a result of engagement with the material and the use of reflection as a learning tool. HIPs vary widely depending on the discipline and the academic institution and often require considerable time and effort, facilitate application of learning outside of the classroom, require meaningful interactions and collaboration with faculty and other students, and necessitates frequent and substantive formative and evaluative feedback. When effective, HIPs improve student success and ultimately retention.

Inclusive Teaching in the Classroom
As our classrooms become increasingly diverse, faculty and instructors are tasked with learning teaching strategies to support the learning of students with a wide range of backgrounds. In this workshop, faculty will explore inclusive teaching strategies, how to engage students in dialogue around challenging topics, and ways to respond to heated moments in the classroom.

Last Updated: 7/10/20