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Annual Teaching Symposium Aug 13


Services, Events, and Resources

CTLE Services

Course observations, midsemeter student feedback, and consultations.

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& Events

Check out and register for our upcoming workshops and events.   

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End of Course Feedback

Find information on the University's Student Course Feedback program.

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Teaching Resources

 Course preparation, lesson planning, activities and  assignments, technology, teaching portfolios and more.

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Programs and Courses


Transforming Classrooms into Inclusive Communities. Faculty Fellows working to co-create & co-teach diversity.

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Faculty Learning Communities. Devoted to enhancing teaching, learning, & the university experience.

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Higher Education Teaching Specialist designation. For faculty and graduate students.  

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CTLE Courses

Take a CTLE course to polish your face-to-face and/or online teaching skills. 

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Last Updated: 7/27/18