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Student Accessible Reports

Note: You must be logged into CIS to view reports. Please sign into CIS before beginning.


1. Go to the Class Catalog & Schedules page. Select a semester.

2. Select the department.

3. Find a course you want to view feedback. Locate the View Feedback column.

4.If feedback is available to view, there will be a hyperlink that says View. Click on it to review the feedback given to the instructor by students in a previous semester.

View Feedback column

Not all courses have feedback available (red arrow), this is due to the instructor not having taught the course before or the feedback is more than two years old. Feedback older than two years is not available from the class schedule.

How to interpret the Course Feedback Reports

Course feedback data is based on student responses to a standard set of items which are presented to students at the end of their class experience. Each item is a statement about the course or instructor (for example, "The instructor was organized"), and the students respond with their level of agreement with that statement (i.e, "Strongly Agree" to "Strongly Disagree").

These responses do not provide a direct measure of the teaching and learning process, but they do give a general idea about the course and its instructors. Poor responses may indicate any of several kinds of student concerns, such as poor teaching, instructor's personality traits, and/or difficulty and time commitments for the course.

Look carefully at how the results are displayed. Results show the percentage of students in each response category for a given item. Small differences are not likely to be reliable; thus a few percentage point differences should be ignored. Also, responses are particularly unreliable if they are based on a small number of responders.

What information does the graph display?

The graphs display the student course feedback (previously called student course evaluations) results for course and instructor questions for a semester. Each graph contains the questions on the horizontal axis and the responses (strongly agree to strongly disagree) on the vertical axis. Results are displayed for the individual course, all courses evaluated in a subject area, and all courses evaluated at the University of Utah.

What do the different colors on the graph represent?


The red bar represents the average response for each question for the individual course.


The green bar represents the average response for each question for all courses evaluated in a subject area.


The blue bar represents the average response for each question for all courses evaluated at the University of Utah.

What information is included in the report?

The first section of the report contains course number, semester, course title, instructor and number of feedback forms submitted.

The second section contains the course results. The course graph displays results for the seven course questions. Course data is included below the graph and displays each course question with the percentage and count of each response for the course, subject and University.

The third section contains the instructor results. The instructor graph displays results for the seven instructor questions. Instructor data is included below the graph and displays each instructor question with the percentage and count of each response for the instructor, subject, and University. Some reports contain multiple instructor graphs and data if several instructors taught a course.

Where does the data for the report come from?

The data comes from student course feedback forms that students submit at the end of the semester through the University’s online system. Only courses that were set to evaluate will have data. Each department decides which courses/instructors are evaluated each semester.

Why don’t all the courses have a link to view student course feedback reports?

The student accessible report link is only available for courses that have student feedback for an instructor who taught the course for previous semester. There are several reasons the feedback column may not have a ‘view’ link: the instructor is teaching the course for the first time, class was not evaluated when the instructor taught the course, student course feedback reports are older than two years, or number of feedback forms submitted was less than 5.

Why can I view student course feedback results for a course on the class schedule sometimes and not others?

Students have to log into the Campus Information System (CIS) to view student accessible reports from the class schedule links. If you access the class schedule without logging into CIS first, you will be able to click on the ‘view’ link in the feedback column but you will receive an error to log into CIS to see the report.

Why aren’t written comments on the reports?

Written comments from student course feedback is not available to students at this time. Only quantitative data is available through the student accessible reports.

How can I view results from previous semesters?

If you would like to view additional reports from previous semesters, please click on the ‘feedback’ link at the top of column in the class schedule. You will then need to click on a semester then subject to retrieve the list of courses and instructors that have student feedback reports. To view a report, click on the course number. You will need to repeat this process for each semester, course, and instructor you would like to view. You can also access student accessible results through the ‘Student Course Feedback Results’ in the Registration table in CIS.  

Who should I contact if I have additional questions?

Please contact student course feedback at or call (801) 585-1976.

Last Updated: 11/10/17