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Top Questions from Students

Are my answers confidential? I plan on taking more classes from this instructor.

Yes. When your feedback is submitted, any identification is removed from your responses.

Help! I accidentally gave incorrect feedback. How do I reset it?

Please email immediately. Provide your uNID and the course you need us to reset.

I filled out the surveys, but I still can't see my grades. Why?

Check the Academic Calendar for the Grades Available date. Only some instructors post their grades early for students and do not have to post grades until the grade available date.

How is my feedback used?

Student course feedback is important because it helps instructors improve their teaching, and accurate information helps other students to select effective instructors for their course of study. Most departments use this information in retention, promotion and tenure decisions for faculty.


If you have any other questions or concerns, please email us or call (801) 585-1976.

Last Updated: 1/11/17