SCF Report Terminology


Pictured below is a sample student course feedback (SCF) report for a Summer 2013 course. Explanations are given below the picture for terms marked with red numbers.
Report Terminology 1
  1. Numbers in this column refer to the number of students who completed the survey question.
  2. RR (Response Rate) refers to the percentage of students from the course who filled out the survey question.
  3. My AVG is the average response from the course survey, on a 1-6 scale. 1 correlates to Strongly Disagree, with 6 correlating to Strongly Agree.
  4. COMM AVG is the overall average for the department across all semesters.
  5. COMM SU13 is the department's average for that particular semester, i.e., Summer 2013.
  6. DIV AVG is the college's average across all semesters
  7. DIV SU13 is the college's average for that particular semester.
  8. SCH AVG is the University's average for all semesters.
  9. SCH SU13 is the University's average for the listed semester.
  10. GRP refers to the two different question sets students are asked, those related to the course and those related to the instructor.
  11. Your last name will appear here. Questions asked related to you will also have your last name. These questions factor into the average for Instructor-related Questions on the survey.