Email PDF Report in SCF System


To generate and email a PDF course evaluation report, please follow these instructions.

1. Hover over the Reports icon at the top and a drop-down menu will appear. Select Email PDF Reports.

Step One Email PDF

2. The system defaults to the previous semester (i.e. 2013/Fall), but to change to a different semester, filter using the drop-down arrow by box A. To limit your results to one instructor, filter through box B.

If your report does not have a date in the Generated column (1), then check the box in that row (2), follow by selecting (Re)Generate Selected (3). The page will refresh and you must check the box again (2), then select Email me the selected reports button (4).

 Step two email pdf



Note: Check your Junk E-Mail folder if the report does not go to your primary folder. Please allow the system several minutes to email the PDF file to you before trying again. A maximum of six reports can be grouped together.