Add or Remove Instructors from Course Surveys

*Please go to the Edit Class information page for the course you wish to make changes before following the step by step instructions or watching the video. If the instructor you want to add is not in the SCF system, click here to email us the uNID and associated name.

 Step by Step instructions

1. Find the course you want to modify and select the number in the column # Classes

Step One of Remove/Add Instructors


2. Find the section of the course you want to edit and select the number in the Teacherscolumn.

Step Two of Remove/Add Instructors


3. To remove an instructor from the course survey, check the box by their name in the left hand column, then click Remove Selected Instructors (arrow 1).

To add an instructor, type in their UNid in the box above the right hand column, then select Add (arrow 2).

To add a TA, type in their UNid, then select the drop down arrow above and select TA. Then select Add Selected Instructors (arrow 3).

Step Three of Remove/Add Instructors


4. After making your changes, click Return to edit class screen.