Instructor FAQs

What if my course has an incorrect cross-listing?

Please contact your department administrator – he/she can remove the cross-listing. Please email or call (801) 585-1976 if you do not know the student course feedback administrator for your department.

What if I am listed as an instructor on a course I do not teach?

Please contact your department administrator – he/she can remove you from the course.

How can I add my TA to my course?

Please contact your department administrator – he/she can add your TA. Your TA will then be evaluated with the standard university instructor questions when your course is evaluated.

How do I add a question to my survey?

Please go to the Add Questions document for instructions on how to add questions to your survey.

When I preview my student course feedback survey, the number of students in the course is too high.

The number can be high for two reasons. First, if a course is cross-listed, all students from all of the classes with which it is cross-listed are included in that number. Second, if a student drops a course, he/she will still be included in the total number because he/she will be administered a dropped course survey at the end of the semester.

How can I change the start/end date for my student course feedback?

Please email for changes to the start/end dates of your student course feedback.

How can I change my basic information, such as my last name or my email address?

Please email us at with your uNID and the correct information.

Why are there so many questions on my survey?

If your course has a specific designation, such as General Education, Service Learning, or is an online course, additional questions will automatically be added to the evaluation. Furthermore, there may be a department-specific set of questions added to your evaluation.

I get too many emails about evaluation response rates.

Unfortunately, these emails are part of the course evaluation system, and there is nothing we can do to reduce the number of emails you receive. We also provide this information so you will be prompted to encourage your students to submit their feedback if response rates are low. Studies have shown an increase in response rates if the instructor reminds students to submit their student course feedback.